Covenant Membership

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About Covenant Membership

If the Bible is the cornerstone of our church, then membership is the cement that holds us all together. Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our encouragement, our protection, and our instruction. As a result, we view church membership as a covenant between each member and the body of Galilee.

Our Membership Covenant

• To live a Christ-honoring life.
• To love and care for one another by rejoicing with each other's happiness, grieving with each other's sorrows, and endeavoring with tenderness and sympathy to bear each other's burdens by faithfully warning, exhorting, and admonishing one another as the occasion may require.
• To participate regularly in gathering for corporate Bible Study, worship, fellowship, and the ordinances of the Church.
• To contribute of one's time, talents, energy, and resources in areas of the Church's consistent with the needs of the Church and the unique gifting of the Spirit.
• To work and pray for the unity of the Spirit by refusing to gossip and by addressing conflicts quickly and biblically.

How Do I Become a Member?

Any person may join the membership of Galilee by any of the following ways and by abiding by our membership covenant.

• By placing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and undergoing believer's baptism.
• By transfer of membership of a like-minded church.
• By statement of faith in Christ and believer's baptism.

Following a request for membership, we will schedule a short membership interview. The purpose of the meeting is for the prospective member to provide basic biographical information and recount God's converting work in his or her life. Upon completion of the membership interview, the prospective members will be presented at the conclusion of a service for congregational affirmation.